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Nostalgic Sailor Moon Mod for Doom 2

Someone creatively combines Sailor Moon and Doom 2--opposites attract.


You know how sugar and spice seem to go perfectly together? Well, why not Sailor Moon and say...Doom? Doom 2 to be more specific. Someone took it upon themselves to mix the two together and it seems like a nostalgic mash-up made in a dungeon.

While people are raving about the graphic quality of next generation games, Doom 2's graphics are pretty abysmal comparatively. Despite its age, it's still one of the ancestors of today's first-person shooters, and Sailor Moon's elements lend itself to the game surprisingly well.

According to the download page of, the author "grabbed a few pictures off the internet and [drew] the rest of the graphics for weapons and objects." You act as Sailor Moon, and use her crescent moon wand to attack or, depending on what objects you collect, you channel other sailor scouts' powers (Jupiter's lightning, Mars' fire, Saturn's scythe, etc.). Also, you'll run around and see scouts' pictures decorating the walls, which definitely brightens up the foreboding environment. The enemies are not as extensively customized.

The mod isn't perfect, but it seems it was meant for good fun. It will certainly appeal to the slim demographic interested in Doom and Sailor Moon (myself included), or anyone interested in gathering creative ideas for their own mods. Try it out for yourself here.  

Originally Published Aug. 2nd 2013


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