GameSkinny Roundtable Podcast Episode 1: E3 Special

Episode One features no DRM, no webcam, and no rules. Everything E3, right here.

As we look back...The first episode of the GameSkinny Roundtable was a collection of many new things: figuring out the Record function on Mumble for the first time, learning when to lock the kids in the basement, and how not to give Reilly the power to start on a topic, keep going on a topic, and continue on the topic... some more.At the time, the GSRoundtable account did not yet exist. The original post by Mike can be found here but in the interests of allowing podcast listeners/viewers an easier time of finding all the podcast episodes, this post was created with new links, and with the proper account.Featuring...In the first episode we have Reilly as host, Stephanie, Rob, John, Mike, Andrew, Lui, Jay, and Anuedys 'NuNu'.Episode 1 was recorded on June 6, 2013 and was a special episode dedicated entirely to the goings-on of E3 2013. In it we discuss: Xbox One vs PS4 The Sony and Microsoft conferences The game we are most excited about at E3 The worst of E3 It was a little rough, but it was our first, and we look back on it with fond memories. We hope to bring you many more in the following weeks, months... years?We hope you enjoy!

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Published Aug. 10th 2013

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