Legend of Zelda Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC

Fight as the Hero of Time, Link, would in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate with the new DLC!

Fans of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and the Legend of Zelda will be happy with the announcement that downloadable content will be coming to the game. Nintendo crossovers and Monster Hunter go hand-in-hand with the likes of Super Mario and Metroid. Monster Hunter is a franchise that lends itself very well to the cross over realm.

The DLC gives you the ability to fight with some of the same weapons that the hero of time, Link, uses. Being able to fight with the Master Sword or the Gale Boomerang just feels right in the Monster Hunter series. You already fight with similar weapons, so it only feels natural to fight with said Master Sword. You'll get your hands on new quests, as well, so the game doesn't get that stale feeling.

In the past, Nintendo has stated that they want to expand their brand, and what better way to get more people talking about one of the golden franchises, the Legend of Zelda, than to give another up-and-coming franchise, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Zelda DLC. It's taking Nintendo some time to learn how to do this DLC thing, but it looks like they're finally getting it.


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Published Mar. 6th 2015

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