Nintendo Gold Points Can Now Be Used for Rewards, but Fans Are Not Satisfied

Nintendo just announced their reward system for My Nintendo Gold Points. However, a lot of fans are dissatisfied with the new features.

On March 5th, Nintendo announced that My Nintendo Gold Points can now be used to get various in-game rewards and discounts on new games; however, a lot of fans are very dissatisfied with the new changes and demand better terms.

What Are My Nintendo Gold Points?

If you already use My Nintendo, you should already have some coins; if not, just create a free account. You can earn these points in different ways, but buying games will give you a fair amount of coins and is the way you'll get most of your points.

Apart from purchasing games, using Nintendo applications and services will allow you to complete various tasks that reward you with some points as well. The tasks are usually as simple as linking some accounts or completing some challenges in the applications. There currently are three applications you can get points from: Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

So What's the Problem?

A lot of fans agree that the points aren't worth enough. One point equals one cent, and racking up a bunch of coins can be pretty tough without spending hundreds of dollars on new games. And because your points reset after one year, you can't just stack up a bunch of coins over a couple of years. Despite the fact that before these changes, you couldn't use the points for anything at all -- and buying games now rewards you with a lot more points than it did before -- Nintendo fans still don't feel like the system is fair and want more rewards and greater value for their points.


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Published Mar. 6th 2018

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