2014 Call of Duty Championship Announced

2014 Call of Duty World Championship has been announced, along with its date and prize

If you are confident about your shooting skills in the world of Call of Duty: Ghosts and believe you can beat the best of the best, in order to become…well…the best of the best…of the best, then this announcement is just what you’ve been waiting for!

Teams from all over the world can participate of this massive eSports event, which will put teams face-to-face in order to decide which is the best of all.

There will be qualifying rounds all over the globe in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia; from which the best 32 teams will emerge in order to face each other in the final round of the championship, which will be taking place over March 28 through 30 in Los Angeles, with a prize of $1 Million Dollars.

In case you’re interested in taking part in these qualifying events, make sure to check out the official Major League Gaming site for all these details.

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Published Jan. 9th 2014

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