FromSoftware to open new Japanese studio

An additional development location will give way to an influx of assets for FromSoftware's next ventures.

With the announcment of a March 24, 2015 Japan release for Dark Souls III, FromSoftware also took the time to announce plans for establishing a new development studio in Fukuoka, Japan. Currently, the focus of the new studio will be on creating 3D assets for games. The following is from their press release. 

New talent is not the only goal for the company with this additional location. The work environment seems to be a key factor in their decision, as they go on to say in the press release: 

"Fukuoka and its surrounding areas are easy to reach from Tokyo and these areas have enormous potential as there are a number of passionate young people and rich living environments. FromSoftware has high hopes that these high-potential areas contribute to build good development environments that lead them to greater quality and creativity."

News of this expansion should bolster excitement for further additions to Dark Souls III after its release, as well as the well-received PlayStation 4 counterpart Bloodborne, which has yet to have an expansion. 

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Published Sep. 13th 2015

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