Origin Servers Under Strain to Deliver SimCity

EA's Origin service has been having difficulty delivering the new SimCity to all pre-orders, with early issues resolved but download times very slow.

Origin has been the butt of many jokes.  Ultimately it's just a slightly different version of Steam, minus the awesome sales that helped make the most familiar digital gaming service the standard.  EA has been learning the hard way that it isn't as easy as Steam made it look, though, and now SimCity has proven that once again.

The much anticipated newest version of the original city-building sim set off a few warning bells when it did not allow players to pre-load before release.  While that almost guaranteed at least a certain level of slowness on initial download, the problem ended up being even more severe.

The downloads of the game weren't just slow, but were having various issues for many users, causing EA to have to rush to try and hotfix these problems as they arose.  While the company assures users that they have corrected those issues, they warn that the download is still going to be slow due to heavy server load and demand for SimCity.  When that slowness might clear up is unknown.

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Published Mar. 5th 2013

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