Overwatch has finally been released!

Overwatch is now available to play on all platforms, get out there and be a hero now!

"Cheers loves, the cavalry's here!"

That's right, Overwatch is now available across all supported platforms. It's been a long grueling wait, and many who were in the beta sessions were suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms, but all of that is over now!

Overwatch is Blizzard Entertainment's first attempt at an FPS game, and it sure did well for itself. The game takes MOBA elements such as skills, ultimate abilities, as well as passive skills, and blends them together with FPS style goal-oriented gameplay for something unique in the modern gaming ecosystem. Players can expect to choose from a colorful cast of characters ranging from the Mad Max style Junkrat and Roadhog, to characters straight out of a cyberpunk superhero comic such as Tracer and Reinhardt.

For those looking for a more traditional FPS character, Soldier 76 fits the "CoD" style gameplay those players are looking for

The question here now is: why are you still here? The world needs more heroes, and you're not doing the world any favours still reading this article! Boot up your Battle.Net client and save the world today!

Also, if you need some beginners tips, check out Synzer's Beginner Tips and Tricks article, or our long list of Overwatch guides here at GameSkinny!

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Published May. 24th 2016

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