The Results Are In! Here Are The Best Of E3 2016 Winners

Best RPG

Final Fantasy XV 

Final Fantasy XV is the next numbered installment in the legendary franchise. Set in a world that is connected to XIII, XV veers off from the railroady feel that XIII had, and instead takes place in a seamless open world which only requires loading screens when transitioning into towns and cities.

It's nice to see a return to the Final Fantasy World Map of old, and it's even better that encounters happen naturally instead of random battles like in the older installments. The game's environment seems like a nice blend of the less technological areas of Final Fantasy games, and the hyper-industrialized world of Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy XV will feature a battle system similar to Kindom Hearts, and even though I weep for the loss of classic turn-based Final Fantasy, this seems like a move in the right direction.

Final Fantasy XV will be released on September 30th for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1.

Published Jul. 9th 2016

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