Take A New Trip Down Memory Lane With Batman: Return to Arkham Trailer

Return To Arkham brings two of the best Batman games together and updates them for a new generation.

Batman: Arkham Asylum breathed new life into not only the dismally lackluster crowd of Batman games that had existed up until that point, they also really put a new spin on the ailing and stale third-person action genre at large. When the sequel Arkham City was release a couple of years later, it was a bigger, more refined experience which capitalized on the prowess of the original.

Now, Rocksteady Studios are gearing up to bring that prowess to the current generation of consoles by updating the graphics and packaging both Asylum and City together along with all of their myriad DLC content. The Joker said all it takes is one bad day for the Dark Knight to slip, and now you get the chance to relive those bad days one last time.


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Published Mar. 10th 2021

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