How to Get a Maypole in Valheim

Looking to have this rare decoration in your Valheim settlement? This quick tip will tell you how.

Throughout your travels in Valheim, it’s likely you’ve stumbled across the Maypole in an abandoned settlement in the Meadows and would like one for yourself to spruce up your own settlement or mead hall only to not find it on any of the building or crafting tabs.

In this quick guide, we’ll cover what the Maypole is, why you want one, and how to get it in the current state of the game.

Valheim: What Is a Maypole?

The Maypole is a decorative item used in the celebration of May Day and the summer solstice in some European cultures. While different cultures had different traditions for the Maypole most all of them had various dances and songs based around them which is a nice nod to history in the Viking-themed world of Valheim. 

So, we have some real-world history but why would we want it in the game? Well, the Maypole gives the player an added point of comfort towards their rested XP buff, increasing the XP buff timer by a minute. It also is a nice-looking decoration and a good centerpiece to your base settlement, especially if you’re roleplaying with friends. So how can you get a Maypole in Valheim?

Valheim: How to Get a Maypole

Well, you can’t, technically. As of the current state of Valheim there are only two ways to get a Maypole; finding one in an abandoned settlement in the Meadows biome or using console commands to cheat one into the game.

If you’re not feeling like “cheating” then you can expect to be hunting out abandoned settlements until you find one. However, if you have no qualms cracking open the command console then read on.

To open the console simply hit the F5 key on your keyboard, then type in imacheater and hit enter. It’s worth noting that using console commands can affect the integrity of your save file so always backup your saves first! Once console commands are activated type in debugmode and if the output reads “Debugmode True”, you’re ready to go. 

In order to build one you’re going to need to be within the radius of an upgraded workbench as well as having 4x dandelion, 4x thistle, and 10x wood in your inventory. You’ll find the Maypole in the furniture tab of your hammer and you’ll be all set to slap it down anywhere within your workbench area.

Hopefully, this quick guide on Maypoles helps you to spruce up your settlement in Valheim. If you’re new to Iron Gate's survival game, consider checking out some of our other guides and helpful tips articles


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Published Mar. 19th 2021

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