Deadpool Bringing The Mayhem But Where's the Noise?

Can the merc with the mouth leave his mark in video games?

Deadpool is looking fantastic, but where is the hype?Deadpool is known as being the "merc with the mouth". He's one of Marvels anti-heroes and really breaks away from the usual Marvel comic book characters. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, looking at and speaking to the reader. He cracks inappropriate jokes and can't be killed due to his regenerative abilities. He's an ace assassin, a master with guns and a skillful swordsman. var adunit_index = 4000; if ((adunit_index != 1000 & adunit_index != 1001) || (adunit_index == 1000 && device_category != 'MOBILE') || (adunit_index == 1001 && device_category == 'MOBILE')) { if (active_ad_units[adunit_index] != undefined) { console.log('Dyn Unit Legacy', active_ad_units[adunit_index], adunit_index); googletag.cmd.push(function () { var adunit_index = 4000; if (typeof(pubwise) != 'undefined' & pubwise.enabled === true) { console.log('Dyn PW'); pwpbjs.que.push(function() { pubwiseLazyLoad([gptadslots[adunit_index]], true); }); } else { console.log('Dyn Direct'); googletag.display('div-sjr-4000'); googletag.pubads().refresh([gptadslots[adunit_index]]); } //googletag.pubads().refresh([gptadslots[4000]]); }); } } Deadpool comics have had some serious moments, but for the most part it's all about the psychotic weirdness of the world and the character. Now that he is getting his own game, this sounds like it could be just as crazy and over the top as say Bayonetta or Devil May Cry. But why doesn't it seem like this game is getting any attention?It has such great potential!Deadpool is being made by High Moon Studios, whose previous games include the critically acclaimed Transformers: War for Cybertron, and Fall of Cybertron. Much like Rocksteady reinvented Batman with the Arkham series, High Moon accomplished the same with Transformers. This is a proven studio with a talented team behind it.Activision being the publisher however, doesn't seem to be so on board with this game. Marketing is looking very scarce. For example, you probably didn't even know the game was coming out June 25th. Deadpool has had little to borderline zero advertising on TV. Activision may have its hands full with the new, Call of Duty: Ghost, to really give this game the attention it needs. On the other hand Deadpool will be coming out at $49.99, making it a bargain launch price to hopefully catch the eye of some customers.A beautiful world and an interesting cast. Aesthetically the game took a unique route going with a light cel shaded, almost watercolor, kind of look with the game to keep with its comic book roots. The trailers shown have the comic book word bubbles popping up showing Deadpools thoughts as well as words like "Bang" and "Pow". As seen in the trailer above the comedy will be abundant as well.The voice of Deadpool may not sound too familiar, but it is actually the very popular Nolan North of Uncharted fame, who is the most notable voice actor in the game. As for actual characters in the game, people may not recognize anyone beyond Wolverine, which isn't a bad thing. As people dig into the Avengers craze it's going to be good to give lesser known characters the spotlight. For example, Domino, Rouge, and my personal favorite, Cable, will be making an appearance in the game.You may be surprised with what you get.Though the game may not be on everyone's radar this could very well be a sleeper hit of the summer. Much like Transformers and Arkham Asylum this may not have fantastic sales from the start but it could always build up steam with a cult following. Expect Deadpool on your store shelves June 25th on 360, PS3, and PC.


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Published Jun. 25th 2013

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