Turn Cammy into Tracer from Overwatch with This Street Fighter V Mod

Play as Tracer from Overwatch in Street Fighter V with this mod, which transforms Cammy White into the time-reversing bundle of energy.

One of the advantages with the PC version of a Street Fighter game is all the character mods available for it. Aside from the Street Fighter characters being in various costumes (or lack thereof in some cases), you can turn them into something totally different.

(Also, character mods are pretty much what Street Fighter X Tekken is good for these days, if you're willing to pull the effort.)

With one Street Fighter mod, you can combine two of the hottest releases of 2016 by turning Cammy into Lena Oxley -- also known as Tracer from Overwatch. (And yes, she comes complete with the controversial behind.) Both of these charachters are British, quite slender, and known for their speed and agility (as well as their rear ends). When you think about it, this mod does seem to be a good fit for Cammy.

Of course, Tracer doesn't have her pistols or time travel here since she's using Cammy's move set. Ultra Street Fighter IV's Decapre would've been a better fit for Tracer with the teleporting attacks, although that would be at the cost of hearing Tracer sound more like an introverted Zarya with that thick Russian accent and quiet demeanor.

If you do want to Cannon Spike and Spiral Arrow as Tracer, then you can get the mod right here.


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Published Jun. 20th 2016

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