Tracer blinks her way into the Nexus in this cute teaser trailer

Tracer's trailer for Heroes of the Storm captures the full extent of her happy-go-lucky personality

Overwatch is less than a month away, and Blizzard has finally released all of the Origins Edition content to those who pre-ordered the game. The best of all the bonus content, however, is free access to Tracer in Heroes of the Storm. What's better than that? Tracer got a cute trailer that captures her happy-go-lucky personality!

In the trailer we start off with the cliche hero speech Tracer tends to give in all of her videos, but then it's completely shattered in true Heroes of the Storm fashion by having her completely geek out about her surroundings. Like a child in a toy store, Tracer quickly zips around the Nexus, interacting with multiple characters (and encountering a few awkward situations on the way).

The whole trailer gives off a very late-80s, early-90s cartoon vibe, as the fast-paced humor is reminiscent of Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network shows. Even the background soundtrack mimics that entire style of cartoon. Even if you're not a fan of Blizzard, Overwatch, or Heroes of the Storm, I'd give the trailer a quick view just for the sake of putting even a slight grin on your face.

As for Tracer in Heroes of the Storm, her character is perhaps one of the most unique so far. Instead of relying on the basic auto-attack/skill gameplay we expect from a MOBA, Tracer actually plays with a reload system that allows her to shoot while moving. It also allows Tracer to play a little more similarly to how she does in Overwatch.

Now that Tracer's in Heroes of the Storm, will you enter the Nexus as her and fight for the future? Would you like to see an Overwatch map or more heroes from Overwatch in the future? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Published Apr. 20th 2016

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