How to Beat League of Legend’s Syndra in 80 Seconds

Tips, tricks and strategies on how to beat Syndra in 80 seconds.

Syndra, scourge of the mid lane and bane of the Attack Damage Carry (ADC). For a long time now Syndra has been a point of complaint among a vast majority of players in the League of Legends community. She has had a very high ban rate in ranked play and sees complaints about her strength through all LoL skill levels.

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So the questions begs, how does one beat Syndra? Well, there a few key things to bear in mind when contemplating this conundrum.

First and foremost is that, although strong, Syndra is by no means overpowered. She currently has just under a 50 percent win ratio among players using her and generally speaking, this translates to her build being very balanced. However, the reason people think that she’s overpowered is because of her devastating ultimate ability, which completely destroys your ADC in a single spell.

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So, to better help you defeat a Syndra on the Rift, I’ve put together a quick video tutorial (seen below) that lays out the best tips and tricks to take this oppressive Champion off the Rift once and for all. 

Key points this video covers:

  • Laning tips: The importance of taking Mr Glyphs and dodging her well telegraphed combination of Q,W and E.
  • Key item tips: Using Hex Drinker and Zhonya’s Hourglass
  • Team fighting tips: Not disrespecting Syndra’s ultimate range as a squishy target and letting your front line force her to burn ultimate.

The pivotal thing here? Do not disrespect Syndra. She can only do one thing and that is blow up a single target — but she can do that very, very well. By positioning correctly and letting your front line do their job, you have a really good chance of shutting a Syndra down.

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