How to Kill Evan and Complete the Personal Matters Quest Line in Fallout 76

If you, like many players, are unable to kill Evan and finish Personal Matters, we have an option for you. Remember though, we never said it would be fun.

"Personal Matters" is a lengthy side-quest in Fallout 76 that takes players from the Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center to the Morgantown Highschool and beyond as they locate the personal journals of the Overseer.

However, after traversing the map and listening to many of the Overseer's personal musings, players are frequently encountering an issue that stops them dead in their tracks on the quest's last step -- when they go to kill Evan in Mount Blair, they find that he is already dead.

Unfortunately, it appears that when Evan has been killed, he does not properly respawn. While this is obviously a problem, there is a way to kill Evan and complete the quest, though it is less than elegant.

When you log out and log back into 76, you are placed on a new server, which may have a living Evan for you to kill. A tedious process indeed, but continually logging in and out is currently the only way to address the issue.

"Server hopping" has become a go-to method for efficient XP, loot, and resource farming in 76, and here is yet another application. Hopefully, Bethesda will offer a fix for this promptly, though that may not be the case, as a bug with the "Bureau of Tourism" quest line (that had been known since the game's B.E.T.A.) was not fixed until Monday's update.

If you are impatient to clear this quest from your log, I am afraid that this method is your best bet at this time. And if you are still planning to brave 76 despite its many bugs, stay tuned to GameSkinny as we continue to provide workarounds. Head over to our Fallout 76 guides page to find more tips. 

Here are just a few to get you started: 


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Published Nov. 21st 2018

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