How to Remove Stuck Power Armor in Fallout 76

Getting trapped in a massive suit of armor is not something you can exactly roll with in Bethesda's newest release. But we may have a fix for you.

With Monday's patch, Bethesda has begun to squash some of the bugs that plague Fallout 76. However, some very serious issues have not been addressed, including a glitch that prevents players from exiting their Power Armor.

Using Power Armor is key when engaging in 76's higher-level content. However, players that may have been excited to locate their first suit will quickly change their tune upon encountering this bug.

No longer able to craft, rest, or engage in any other activities that are restricted by wearing Power Armor, it is simply game-breaking.

Fortunately, some industrious players have found some workarounds.

u/camstarrankin shares the following method for Vault Dwellers in distress:

  • Remove fusion cores from the Power Armor
  • Drain the battery until you are only able to walk (using power attacks can expedite this process)
  • Log out with at least one piece of Power Armor equipped
  • Log back in and exit the Power Armor

Additionally, the following process is purported to provide a fix for the issue:

  • Unequip all pieces of the Power Armor
  • Die
  • Log out
  • Log back in, and the Power Armor will be gone

While this may get players out of their Power Armor prisons and back to playing the game, these fixes are temporary, as the bug will persist upon re-entering a suit.


If you are finding yourself trapped in your Power Armor, we hope that one of these methods above will offer you some relief, and perhaps we will see a more definitive bug fix from Bethesda soon.

And if this glitch has not scared you away from the game completely, be sure to check our other guides for more on Fallout 76. Here are a few to get you started: 


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Published Dec. 5th 2018

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