Bethesda Announces Deathloop Release Date, Deluxe Edition

Deathloop finally has a release date and a hefty deluxe edition loaded with extra weapons, items, and more.

Deathloop will release on PlayStation 5 and PC May 21, 2021, Bethesda announced.

The developer also unveiled two Deathloop editions, the standard one for $59.99 and a deluxe edition for $79.99. 

Pre-orders for both versions of Deathloop come with

  • "Storm Rider" Colt character skin
  • 1 Trinket, an equippable item granting in-game buffs
  • Royal Machete (Unique Weapon, PlayStation 5 exclusive)

The Deathloop deluxe edition includes:

  • Eat The Rich Tribunal Unique Weapon 
  • .44 Karat Fourpounder Unique Weapon 
  • "Party Crasher" Colt character skin  
  • "Sharp Shooter" Julianna Character Skin 
  • Soundtrack selections 
  • Two Trinkets
  • Transtar Trencher (Unique Weapon, PlayStation 5 Exclusive)

Deathloop follows Colt and Julianna, two assassins trapped reliving the same day until one of them clears their eight hits. Dying and re-looping to play the day again uncovers new gear, secrets, and ways to take down targets to finally break the cycle.

Bethesda first unveiled Deathloop during the PlayStation 5 Future of Gaming State of Play, though the game was delayed soon after. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Deathloop news as it develops.


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Published Nov. 12th 2020

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