A New IOS Fighting Game is Here, It's Queer, and There's No Excuse for It

Remember the old arcade Street Fighter 2 hack called Rainbow Edition? Well this is definitely NOT that.

I hesitated in writing this story... because this is something I truly wish was not in existance. Now back in the 90's we saw a flood of odd fighting games trying to ride the popularity of Street Fighter, like Clayfighter and Shaq Fu... but this... this is a thing. I give you Ultimate GAY FIGHTER for IOS devices and Android (guess it's kinda bi). 

I can only describe the game as being designed to offend as many people as possible. The game not only features horrible homosexual stereotypes, but also over-zealous religious fanatics, and Sarah Palin fighting with an American flag. Oh and did I forget to mention the "Homo Thug" with the noose around his neck? The studio responsible for this travesty is Handsome Woman Productions, run by the game's homosexual creator Michael Patrick. I'll let him describe his own game:

"Ultimate Gay Fighter began as a joke between my friends and me while we were drinking at brunch. The concept was simple: to reenact the favorite fighting games we played as kids, but to insert gays as the characters, with moves that suited their specific lifestyles and interests."

Much like how the original Mortal Kombat used gore as a shock value to mask gameplay that was a little rough around the edges, Ultimate GAY FIGHTER looks to be doing the same in just having extremely bad taste. No info is given in the trailer or press kit on how to play the game, or if it even supports a controller... so gameplay obviously was not a focal point here. 

At the risk of making myself sound homophobic... the fighting game community does not need this game. Starting all the way back to the original Street Fighter, Eagle is a gay character designed after Freddie Mercury. The Power Instinct series has the openly gay characters Rudolph Gartheimer and Damian Shade. Fighting games have also had many either assumed transsexual characters like Poison, or characters of ambiguous gender like Guilty Gear's Bridget or Tekken's Leo.

Ultimate GAY FIGHTER touts itself as "The world's first ever gay video game... ever!!!!" without ever stopping to question why maybe making that game was never a good idea in the first place. 

I also couldn't resist talking about this game in the latest Regurgitated News:

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Published Nov. 26th 2013
  • Destrolyn.Bechgeddig
    Featured Columnist
    As a gay man, I must admit that having watched their trailer, it does look like a lot of fun, knowing, and more than a little tongue in cheek.

    The LGBT community aren't unknown to send themselves up. And why shouldn't we? We're constantly slapped with stereotypes, so why can't we lambaste those in turn!

    I completely agree with Amanda in it's claim it's the first gay video game "ever" raised my eyebrows more than a little. That's probably THE thing I'm most unhappy about on first impressions. It's not. End of. But since when did truth ever matter when it came to marketing?

    As for the fighting game community not needing this? You seem to think that this is a serious fighting game aimed specifically at that community. In a way, I certainly applaud your effort to judge it on the merits compared to the rest of the genre. But I honestly don't think that this game is aimed at becoming the next Street Fighter or Tekken, but a frivolous and hate-yourself-for-laughing titbit for gaymers.

    Yes, I'll admit the augmented stereotyping of various facets of gay men and women are a little bad taste, but sometimes, the best comedy is.

    I think we'll all just have to wait and actually play the game before we can make any real analysis of it, though.
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    I agree that maybe bringing the fighting game community up was a bit of a stretch... I mean nobody is going to take a mobile game seriously, and for all we know this game might be single player only.

    I'm going to bring this up in my next video... but there's a way to make a game that represents a "different" community without bashing the viewer over the head. I reported on Project Zen a while back-


    and that is a game where they are obviously taking a different approach to female body image in games. They didn't name the game "Thick Girl Metroid" or even mention body image at all in their Kickstarter... it's just there.

    When I see a game like UGF, it's obvious the gay content is the main selling point... not the game itself. Also just because the creator is a gay white man, that doesn't excuse a very racist black character with a hangman's nooise around his neck fighting a religious zealot that stereotypes Christian's as being anti-gay.
  • Spyke_3447
    ARGH! This has me confused and conflicted (pardon the unintended sexuality joke)

    On one hand I don't feel being outraged by a game built on a bad taste self depreciation joke by a gay man parodying the stereotypes of the GLBT community should be held under too much scrutiny after all, anything can be considered funny if you don't take it too seriously and clearly these are stereotypes and we're no stranger to them. He is after all laughing at the stereotypes which he has noted himself and have possibly been applied to him personally.

    On the other hand I don't see why this game is needed. It's certainly going over the top in being a shocker but is this for publicity? I mean... what's it in aid of?

    Given we've seen the hilarious Divekick capture the hearts of many a gamer recently, this seems a little like a shock horror cash in on that potential opening in the indie market.

    I guess in a sense, I find this a little... I dunno... insulting???

    As a gamer, I don't really care all that much if the guy I'm tanking for or shooting zombies with in a dungeon is male, female, gay bi or anything in betwixt and between. It's in a sense a part of the other person and given enough interaction with them via guilds or groups it becomes a valid topic of conversation, but until we're on good terms It's none of my concern or business It's simply just not relevant, being gay or straight doesn't impact your ability to play a game...

    I just don't think that these stereotypes need the lanterns hung on them that they're getting here. We know not all homosexual guys are bitchy (that's universal aside from sexuality or gender) and we know not all bisexuals are attention seekers, so I just don't think we need this joke to be made to break the ice. It's a game idea that's odd and crazy and I kind of like that. But it's just not a game that we really need, that ice that this seems to want to break via parody has been broken for a long time and that's going by the argument that it ever really existed...

    which I,m not really convinced it did.

    If anything it may end up as a great game, tragically tied to a bad joke design wise.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    I'm more concerned by "The First Gay Video Game Ever," which seems to preclude a lot great indie games that are oriented around GLBT characters like Gone Home, or the works of Anna Antropy or other queer game makers.

    Or even, as you put it in your comments, rainbow painted affairs like Dragopolis: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rupauls-drag-race-dragopolis/id640570956?mt=8 . I met the developer for this at PAX Dev and it looks pretty sweet.
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    After the shock of this game wore off, I did feel that for any game I should at least play it before I judge it. The first 2 Def Jam fighting games were surprisingly excellent games... so you can't always judge a game by it's color.
  • Mat Westhorpe
    Featured Columnist
    Although the idea of basing a pantheon of fighting game characters around their sexual preference is an odd choice, handled right it could be quite funny. The world is full of quirky folk, I don't think it's necessarily "extremely bad taste" to poke a bit of fun at them.

    If that same reaction was applied to stand-up comic material, the world would become a lot less funny. Video games are just a form of expression.

    The only homo I think should be kept out of video games is homogenisation.
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    Oh I definitely agree... and the fighting game genre has had some of the craziest (and controversial) game characters ever. When you just slap together a game and put a coat of rainbow paint on it... then say "hey we're only joking" just so the game will sell from shock value... that's not good for anyone. Who knows... maybe it won't pass certification to be listed in the app store.
  • Mat Westhorpe
    Featured Columnist
    True, a terrible game is a terrible game, irrespective of how 'fabulous' it is.

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