Experience the Paranormal With the New Trailer for the Conjuring House

Rym Games released a new trailer for their upcoming paranormal themed survival horror game The Conjuring House.

Indie developer Rym Games have released a new trailer for their upcoming survival horror title The Conjuring House. The game takes place in the early 20th century in an old victorian house and focuses on the paranormal. The game being developed using the Unreal 4 engine and is set to release in early 2017 on PC and PS4.

What is The Conjuring House?

It is a survival horror game that focuses on the paranormal. The game is set in the early 20th century in an old Victorian house with a dark past. A group of mediums and parapsychologists are sent to the house to unravel its mystery and myth.

The player takes on the role of a journalist who goes to cover the event. The player finds that the group of mediums and parapsychologists have gone missing. They must venture through the house to discover the secret behind the disappearances and the house. To do that, they must survive against the demonic spirits that lurk within.

What to expect

From the trailer, you can see that the developers are very much focusing on the atmosphere of the game. With the ambiance, the dark layout of the house and the cloister phobic hallways, it is a game that is aiming to scare with what is not visible more than anything else.

That is no to say there is nothing that can harm you. Quite the opposite in fact. Throughout the trailer, you see a number of various and hostile spirits along with creepy Victorian dolls that are capable of moving on their own.

You also see at the end of the trailer, what appears to be a room of demonic worship. This is followed by an enormous hand approaching the individual who's perspective we are viewing from. It also looks like things might be getting a little bit Lovecraftian, with insanity looking like it will be a part of the game.

A dark atmosphere, evil spirits, creepy dolls, insanity, satanic worshiping and giant demonic hands. It looks like Rym Games are pulling out all the stops to create the most horrifying experience possible.

Now on Steam Greenlight

Along with uploading the latest trailer, Rym Games also created a Steam Greenlight page for the game. They hope to get the game greenlit to allow the sale of the game on Steam upon release in early 2017. You can cast your vote for the game on the Greenlight page.

What are your thoughts on The Conjuring House? Are you going to vote for it on Steam Greenlight? Let me know in the comments below!


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Published Oct. 24th 2016

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