More Information to be released about Mass Effect: Andromeda

Not much was revealed about Mass Effect: Andromeda other than its name, but BioWare has teased that more information is coming.

Despite the small amount of time devoted to Mass Effect: Andromeda at the EA conference last week, its trailer and small details revealed seem to promise that a quality game is in the works.

looks like mass effect is still about action

Looks like ME: Andromeda is keeping the action style from ME3.

So far little has been revealed, even after E3 2015, about ME: Andromeda. It has been confirmed that the main character will be a human, of either gender. The game will also take place a set amount of years after the events of the original Mass Effect trilogy and will be set in an entirely new galaxy: Andromeda. The Mako vehicle from the original Mass Effect will be reappearing, with some improvements.

beauty of ME: Andromeda.

Despite these bare bone details being the only thing BioWare has revealed about ME: Andromeda, but BioWare has recently tweeted that more details about ME: Andromeda will be released soon.

BioWare has stated that Mass Effect: Andromeda is scheduled for release during the hoiday season in 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Hopefully BioWare will release information that makes up for the sparse time that ME: Andromeda was discussed during EA’s conference at E3.

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Published Jun. 22nd 2015
  • StayNoLonger
    Featured Contributor
    I was expecting a little bit more information, although they might be revealing more at Gamescom in August. But hopefully they are actually making this great game they are talking about.
  • Dalton White I
    Yeah, I was so disappointed when EA had like maybe 5 minutes in their conference devoted to ME: Andromeda. But I think Bioware has been asking EA to keep it on the down low because of the HUGE fan backlash ME 3 caused. But yeah I have faith that they have the makings for a great game.

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