Angry Birds 2 flinging to iOS and Android July 30th

Angry Birds 2 is long overdue, but the wait is almost over.

Like it or not, Angry Birds is one of the biggest titles in modern gaming. We've seen a lot of series spin-offs over the past few years that have been both a joy and a disappointment, but soon we're about to come face to face with the next generation of the series: Angry Birds 2 is coming.

Angry Birds 2 will be released simultaneously for both iOS and Android devices, but not much else is known about the game aside from Rovio's claim that it will be the "mother of all sequels". We'll see about that!

The promo site is currently live but doesn't say much just yet. There's a short teaser trailer, which you can watch above, but that doesn't tell us much either. All we can do is hope this will live up to being the actual Angry Birds 2 and not be of the same quality of some of the spin-offs.

There's not much to be said for the sequel for now, but surely it will be a solid addition to the series. It couldn't not be, being the "actual" second game in the series, right?

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Published Jul. 19th 2015

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