11 Most Anticipated New MMO Releases of 2019

Camelot Unchained

  • Developer: City State Entertainment
  • Platforms: PC
  • Release date: TBA 2019

Camelot Unchained is a sequel to the highly-praised MMORPG from 2002 Dark Age of Camelot. This time the conflict will take place between the Irish Celts led by King Arthur on one side, the Vikings on the other, and the tribe of Nuada on the third front.

Players should expect a lot of manual labor, as they will have to create their own weapons and armor from scratch. The crafting system must be incredible in Camelot Unchained, since you will not be able to buy anything from the NPCs.

Each kingdom will have its own classes with a vast number of customization tools. The proprietary Unchained engine will allow for massive battles to take place on one server, but there is no official info on how many players will be able to take part in them yet.

Published Nov. 2nd 2018

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