Will Michael Bay Bring Your TMNT Video Game Nostalgia to Life?

Many fans were apprehensive to learn that Michael Bay is set to produce the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie; however, after viewing the newly-released trailer, many concerns are put to rest.

Bring on the '90s nostalgia!

First Netflix decides to appeal every '90s kid's fantasy by adding Pokemon to its lineup, and now the nostalgia continues with the introduction of a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

Everyone's favorite side-scrolling adventure for the original Super Nintendo is being brought to life on the big screen, but probably not in the way you were thinking. 

Reactions to the Trailer

After the official trailer to the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie appeared on YouTube, many people who saw it thought it was a joke. While the beginning scenes were enticing and flashy, once the producer's name flashed "Michael Bay," across the screen, mouths began to drop open. 

Michael Bay, known exclusively for blowing up everything he can get his hands on, would not be the first producer in mind for this movie in almost anyone's head. However, it seems that the skepticism surrounding the trailer's release yesterday, March 27th, 2014, is waning. 

Although many questions and concerns still remain, it's obvious from the overwhelming support the video is receiving on YouTube (over 7 million views, and over 38,000 thumbs up) that the advocates severely outweigh the naysayers. 

After watching the trailer, viewers can see that the essence of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle that we know and love is captured to every degree. With Megan Fox cast as April O'Neil, the anticipation continues to build until the movie's release on August 8th. 

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Published Mar. 28th 2014
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    I know that the original comic book was never given proper due in animation or the movies, but THIS just turned my stomach. I'm hoping people will have good sense to avoid this mess. I thought after Megan Fox was dumped from Transformers that Michael Bay would never give her a job again. And not to mention that The Shredder is no longer Japanese. *sigh*
  • Domingo_2750
    Major correction: TMNT is from 1984.
    It started out as a comic book, then the first cartoon came out in 1987, then the early toys came out the following year.

    There are a couple of video games for the Super Nintendo that came out in the 90s, but they're not the original incarnation of the characters.

    Also, wouldn't you mean "the original Nintendo"? The Super Nintendo isn't the original, unless you do mean "TMNT IV: Turtles in Time", which is on the Super Nintendo and it's from 1992 (and a conversion from an arcade game); but if you mean the first game, that's on the first Nintendo and it's from 1989.
  • Death Metal Hero
    Not a fan of Megan Fox being April, but I'll give her a chance. I think everyone else should as well. For the turtle design, I like it. Their faces are a bit more human-like, and the only reason people don't like it is because its different than what their childhood TMNT looked like. I think everyone should cast their nostalgia aside when it comes to stuff like this.

    But people tend to freak out when it comes to Nostalgia "HURR ITS DIFFERENT FROM MY CHILDHOOD THEREFOR ITS GOING TO BE AWFUL!" It seems they also like to insult our writers.

    A lot of people also freaked when they saw Michael Bays name in the credits, but he's just a producer his job is to supply the money and means to fund the movie basically. People should be more concerned with who writes the script and who directs it. But whatever, I'm excited for the new movie, it looks good.
  • Chris Coccaro
    I'm also remaining positive about it.. I prefer that TMNT remain a thing that sometimes happens rather than something that will never happen again. If the new one sucks you can just grab a thing of Ben and Jerry's and watch Secret of the Ooze.

  • Mark_9050
  • YouMORON
    Michael bay is the PRODUCER, not the DIRECTOR. DO some goddamn research or quit writing.

    He has little say in how this film turns out, I mean for god sakes he even had a falling out with Megan Fox, if he was the director, why would he cast her?

    Your article is rendered pointless when you make connections where there is none.
  • Danielle Marie
    Featured Columnist
    Whoops, thanks for pointing that out. Fixed ^.^
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    - you shouldn't apologize to someone who talks to you so disrespectfully.
  • Ryu Sheng
    oh god no!! who let that idiot Bay next to my childhood!! Wasn't destroying transformers and Star Trek enough!!
  • Danielle Marie
    Featured Columnist
    I guess we'll have to wait and see lol.. I'm hoping for the best!
  • Domingo_2750
    "Star Trek"
    That was J. J. Abrams.
  • Kate Reynolds
    Senior Intern
    I'm going to break my objective veneer for a moment: ihateitihateitihateitihateitihateitihateitihateitihateitihateit. Ahem. That coming from someone who's watched the tv shows, all the movies (even the third one), watched the musical on Youtube, and even watched the live-action kids show "The Next Mutation". Their new looks seems to belie their personalities, and I'm not sure I can get over Megan Fox as April. Also, they seem to have white-washed the Shredder which is weird. I don't mind the changed origin story much - they've gone through several of these and this one slightly mirrors the current comic run - but I'm still not seeing anything to get me excited about this yet.
  • Danielle Marie
    Featured Columnist
    I was a little taken aback at first as well. Not that this has anything to do with it, but Avatar the Last Airbender was my favorite show and the movie totally ruined it for me. Hopefully that doesn't happen here :3

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