Sniper Elite 5 Liberation: Mission 6 Collectibles and Starting Locations

Here's where to find all of the collectibles in Liberation, Sniper Elite 5's sixth mission.

Every level in Sniper Elite 5 has 19 collectibles to find, including stone eagles, workbenches, classified documents, hidden items, and personal letters. And Mission 6, Liberation, is no exception. If you're wondering where to find them all, as well as the two extra starting locations in the level, you've come to the right place. 

This guide is slightly different than those for other missions, such as those for The Atlantic Wall and Spy Academy. Considering the placement of collectibles in Liberation, we've broken it up into the lower portion of the map, going counterclockwise, and the upper portion of the map, also going (mostly) counterclockwise to avoid as much backtracking as possible. You can also poison Trautmaan while you're here.

Liberation Collectibles and Starting Locations

They’re Out There (Personal Letter 1)

Get to the main road at the start of the mission and let the cargo truck pass. It will park at the abandoned farm just to your right (northeast), across the road from the downed glider. The soldier carrying this personal letter gets off of the back of the truck and stands by the tractor at the shelter to the right of the house.

Unfit for Duty (Classified Document 1)

From there, head due west across the road to the Bridge Farmhouse. Go up the stairs by the truck, and turn right to go inside at the blue french doors. Turn right again, then right once more by the inner stairwell to enter a bedroom. This document is on a set of drawers in the left corner.

Hold the Line (Classified Document 2)

Exit the Farmhouse, and go left (north) toward the bridge. You’ll see a house with white shutters and Nazi flags on the opposite side on the left. Go to the radio objective on the second story, and this classified document is on a desk on the right side of the room, opposite the radio.

Stone Eagle 1

Just northeast of the house (across the street) is a U-shaped set of buildings that were used as stables. It’s now a weapons stockpile full of small cranes, engine blocks, and other supplies.

Go to the northeastern side of the area and into the section with wood scaffolding and a Nazi flag. Climb the stairs to the top. Go through the hole in the wall, and turn left toward the AA gun and stone windmill. The stone eagle is perched on the eave above the suspended pallet and crates.

Pistol Workbench

Turn around and go along the scaffolding to drop through the roof on the right side. Drop down one more level for the workbench below.

A Surplus Bridge (Classified Document 3)

Destroy the AA gun at the windmill, and go to the white brick house just to the north, where the zipline coming down from the windmill terminates. Go around that to the yard between it and a red brick house to find a beige crate and a green crate leaning against each other on the northwestern side by the road. This document is on the beige crate.

Lucky Rabbit’s Foot (Hidden Item 1)

From there, head northwest to the field across the road with the burning glider. Kill the bald soldier on the left side of the glider and search his body (screenshot shows him in the wreckage because I alerted him).

Vengeance is Nigh (Personal Letter 2)

Head west and neutralize the AA gun in the next field. Enter the farmhouse just west of the AA gun and climb the ladder inside. This personal letter is by the opening in the roof, on the ground by the sniper rifle to the right.

Riverside House Starting Location

Head slightly southwest across the road, northwest of Le Grande Mansion (Jaan Trautmann is). Climb the hill behind the tranch and light the bonfire behind the fallen tree trunk.

Watch Your Back (Personal Letter 3)

Go to the southern side of Le Grande Mansion, and kill the Nazi patrolling in the drive by the red car.

Resistance Fanatic Located (Classified Document 4)

Return to the farmhouse where you found Vengeance is Nigh, just west of the third AA gun emplacement. Head north from here, crossing the river using the downed glider. Enter the shelled stone house in front of you, behind the alarm; a building with Huiles De Moteur written on it will be to your left.

Go inside and upstairs. Double back at the top of the stairs and unlock or break open the door to the right. This document is inside, to the right on a dresser by the bed.

SMG Workbench and Stolen Medals (Hidden Item 2)

Leave the house the same way you entered and go into the stone building (watermill) across the street, just to the southeast, with the stone wall and generator out front. Go through the kitchen, and turn left in the next room with the cogs and stairwell. Go through the hole in the floor for the workbench and the hidden item on a table in the center of the room.

Give Me Strength (Personal Letter 4)

Continue east to the Eastern Bridge objective and into the Field Camp. Go inside the green building on the camp’s northwestern side, closest to the checkpoint and the northwestern tower. This personal letter is on a crate just inside the doorway.

Barely Escaped (Personal Letter 5)

Go north up the road from the Field Camp and veer northwest just before the map boundary. Continue north into the trenches, and look for the artillery gun on the right side. This personal letter is on an ammo crate to its right.

Incoming Armour (Classified Document 5)

From the artillery piece, follow the trenches northwest. Go up, then left, then right up some steps. Pass a small open area with a circular grindstone and generator on your left, then some steel doors on your right, which you can open with a satchel charge. Take the next right at the barrel fire and follow the trench to the next pillbox on your left. This document is on a crate by a satchel charge.

Stone Eagle 2

Continue down the same path to exit the trenches and head toward the northern town. When you get to the road, turn left and look back toward the southern town. You’ll see a shelled church in the distance. Look to the roof on the far right side, just over the front end of the cargo truck in the road, and a little to the right of the third telephone pole, for this stone eagle.

Bridge Charlie Starting Location

Turn around and head up the road to the next objective (connect the barricade explosive). But instead, go past the bridge and to the house with the purple flowers on and roses on the wall. Open the door on the southeastern side to unlock this location.

Rifle Workbench

Blow the explosives on the bridge, then climb the vines on the southeastern wall of the building where the explosive trigger is to find the rifle workbench.

Engraved Lighter (Hidden Item 3)

Destroy the Tiger tank and cross the bridge. Turn right on the other side, just past the car on fire, and enter the building on the left. Go upstairs, then double back and go into the room on the right. This hidden item is on a set of drawers with a briefcase on it by the bed.

Stone Eagle 3

Look behind the Tiger tank for the ruined building with the Nazi flag out front, just at the northeastern edge of the map. The stone eagle is in the center.

Those are all of the collectibles in Sniper Elite 5's Mission 6, Liberation. For more stone eagles, personal letters, documents, workbenches, and items in other levels, such as Festung GuernseyWar Factory, and Wolf Mountain, click the links or head over to our SE5 guides hub.

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Published Jun. 9th 2022

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