Thoth Arrives to Mediate the Battlefield -- SMITE Patch 3.21 Brings New God and More

The latest SMITE patch delivers Egypt's Arbiter of the Damned to dispense long ranged magical mediation upon his foes!

A new Egyptian God will grace the battlegrounds of SMITE in the next update. Thoth, the Arbiter of the Damned, takes his delightfully ponderous steps into the arena.

Although his official reveal is incredibly recent, he was leaked recently -- quick, look surprised!

Focused on delivering magic damage from afar, Thoth writes the names of his victims -- be they minion or god -- in his book over the game to receive bonus magical penetration.

He can then channel his power into improving his basic attacks in a number of ways, as Hieroglyphic Assault ability makes his next three attacks pass through enemies and deal ability damage instead. His dash ability Ponderous Escape also applies a damage bonus and a slow to his next basic attack if he dashes for a few seconds.

Furthermore, Thoth can place a Glyph of Pain on the ground, which makes his Hieroglyphic Assault do additional damage and gain range. Allied basic attacks, including Thoth's non-empowered ones, can pass through the glyph as well to gain extra magical damage, but don't gain the range.

Finally, Thoth's ultimate Final Judgement sees him summoning pages from his book, up to a maximum of four, before unleashing them in a line to damage all enemies in their path.

In addition, Patch 3.21 will bring a number of other balance adjustments, as well as a host of new skins including the Thoth recolour displayed above. You can read the official patch notes on the SMITE website.

Though there is no official patch date yet, the current expectation is that 3.21 will be released for the PC on November 8th. The patch is available to try now on the PTS if you can't wait that long, however. Patch 3.20 has just been deployed for the console versions, so the Thoth update may take a bit longer for them.

Like the look of this new god? Want to see a different deity join the playable cast instead? Let us know what you think below!


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Published Jun. 9th 2020

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