Puzzle & Dragons Gets Limited-Time Monster Hunter Dungeon

Puzzle & Dragons teams up with Monster Hunter to feature a new co-op dungeon, characters, and monsters.

GungHo Online Entertainment America has teamed up with Capcom to bring Monster Hunter into the mobile game Puzzle & Dragons for a limited-time event. The collaboration introduces an all-new dungeon with massive creatures to battle, which players can team up to tackle: the Multiplayer Monster Hunter Collab! Dungeon. Inside, Massacre Demon Diablos awaits, with difficulties ranging from Intermediate to Ultra G Rank.

Additionally, players receive the new Male Hunter just for logging in during the event, and can also obtain the Female Hunter by clearing the Collab! Dungeon the first time. Players can get materials to evolve their new characters by playing the dungeon, or outright purchasing the characters in the game's MP shop.

High enough rank characters -- 50 or above -- will also get a free pull on the Monster Hunter Egg Machine, with a chance to receive one of the new monsters featured in the Collab! Dungeon.

The Monster Hunter event starts today, July 10th, and lasts until July 23rd.


Published Jul. 10th 2017

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