The 11 Best Free Steam Games of 2016

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Genre: CCG, Strategy
Developer: Dire Wolf Digital
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Card games are everywhere now, and our list is full of them. However, this is not a drawback at all, as the statistics show that CCGs are just as popular as first-person shooters. Therefore it makes sense to talk about another great free-to-play card game -- Eternal.

What makes Eternal exciting and different is a total lack of Random Number Generation (RNG). This alone should keep you interested, especially if you got tired of the Hearthstone randomness.

Eternal has two PvE modes: Gauntlet and Forger, and one PvP mode called Draft. As a new player you need to climb the ladder and open booster packs for your collection. Later, when you have enough gold and cards, you can make the next step to play against some really experienced players and take your card battling to another level!

Published Dec. 16th 2016

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