The 11 Best Free Steam Games of 2016

Atlas Reactor

Genre: Strategy
Developer: Trion Worlds
Steam Page

Atlas Reactor is a very unusual mix of MOBA and turn-based strategy, similar to the XCOM series. Two teams fight against each other on special arenas in a 4v4 format. The battles are really short and take no more than 20 turns. Whichever team earns more frags wins.

It is interesting to note that both teams can take action simultaneously, and then they both watch how their decisions work out in the context of the other team's decisions.  Given the large number of heroes and abilities, every match-up plays out differently.

Atlas Reactor is like a very fast-paced game of chess that may seem too chaotic at first -- but after a few games you will adapt and grow to love it!

Published Dec. 16th 2016

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