The 11 Best Free Steam Games of 2016


Genre: CCG, Strategy, Action
Developer: CyGames
Steam Page

Have you ever wanted to play a card game with an actual story? Now you can in Shadowverse -- a mobile game that became so popular the developers had to push it to other platforms.

Cards in Shadowverse have an ability to evolve, meaning that their stats become bigger and better as you play them. There are hundreds of different cards in the game, and this number just keeps growing. You have access to many spells, amulets, and of course, minions.

Building a deck in Shadowverse requires some knowledge of cards and their synergies. It is not enough to just put the most powerful cards in your deck and expect to win every game. Although it has elements of action, this is first and foremost a strategy game.

Published Dec. 16th 2016

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