Elden Ring: Best Ashes of War Weapon Arts

Conquer the bosses and minions of The Lands Between with the best Ashes of War Weapon Arts.

Elden Ring reintroduces, evolves, and improves the Weapon Art system from Dark Souls 3, now called Ashes of War. They are the new infusion system here, allowing any compatible weapon to be Quality, Keen, Heavy, Sacred, or any other possible infusion types returning or brand new. These arts alter the way you fight and change the nature of certain weapons. But which are the best?

This Elden Ring guide will seek to answer that question. Because The Lands Between are so vast and its secrets many, we've not found all of the Ashes of War yet, but of those we've laid our hands on, these are the best. There are few bad choices regarding Ashes of War in Elden Ring. Picking one is a matter of your weapon and build. 

The Best Ashes of War Weapon Arts in Elden Ring

Ashes of War Weapon Art: Endure

Called Perseverance in Dark Souls 3, this heavy/strength infusion Ashes of War weapon art briefly increases your poise by a great deal, allowing you to stand firm through heavier attacks. Endure is good if you want to guarantee a powerful blow on an enemy or move through a crowded area more easily.

You can purchase Endure for 600 Runes from Knight Bernahl at the Warmaster's Shack in Limgrave.

Ashes of War Weapon Art: Square Off 

With Square Off, a quality/strength and dex infusion, you can either break your enemy's guard, especially if they're holding a shield, or do a long, lunging thrust to deal damage at unexpected distances. This Ashes of War weapon art drops from the Teardrop Scarab in the Siofra River area beneath Limgrave, on the west side of the area on a precipice beneath the ramparts of a city.

Ashes of War Weapon Art: Bloody Slash

If you've seen some of the trailers for Elden Ring, you've seen Blood Slash in action. This blood/arcane infusion Ashes of War weapon art extends the range of any sword attack and applies bleed to it. There's almost no reason not to use it. The knight at the top of Fort Haight drops this ability when killed.

Ashes of War Weapon Art: Glintblade Phalanx 

Useful in place of a Phalanx spell, Glintblade Phalanx is a magic infusion that lets you summon a small arch of glintblades above your head, and you can also follow up the casting with a lunge. You'll get a lot of mileage out of the glintblades themselves, and the additional attack provided from this Ashes of War weapon art deals good damage to boot.

Purchase this ability from Rogier the Sorcerer either in Stormveil Castle or when he retreats to the Roundtable Hold after defeating Godrich the Grafted.

Ashes of War Weapon Art: Thops's Barrier

There are no bad parry skills in Elden Ring, but Thops's Barrier, another magic infusion, is probably the best of them. This Ashes of War weapon art allows you to deflect magic of any kind as well, provided it comes in projectile form. As there are plenty of annoying enemies using magic in Elden Ring, it's a great option to have.

Find this at The Barrier, an island to the west of Raya Lucaria Academy in Lunaria of the Lakes. The Teardrop Scarab here likes to disappear when approached, so use stealth or plunging attacks to kill it.

Those are just five of the better choices you have regarding Ashes of War Weapon Arts in Elden Ring. There are far more than listed here or that we've found, so explore until you discover the one that works best for your build. For more, discover how to try out your Ashes of War against other players in our PvP invasion guide. Do the same with your friends against bosses in our how to cooperate guide. Our Elden Ring guides hub has even more. 


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Published Feb. 28th 2022

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