EVE Player Celebrities - The Fitness Guru: Roc Wieler

When player and character collide, the only solution is to get baking. Or composing. Or working out,,, apparently. Meet Roc.

Roc Wieler is a character created for a video game. Marcus Dickinson is the guy who created him. Somewhere along the way, the distinction between the two was lost, but that seems to have been part of the plan.

Roc's Ramblings is one of the EVE Bloggeratti's longest-serving members. Over the years he has delivered his own unique brand of content to the EVE Universe; quality fiction, insightful commentary, stirring soundtracks, themed recipes and fitness regimes.

This may seem like an odd mix of content for a sci-fi MMO blog, but Roc Wieler is perhaps the epitome of the EVE player in that he doesn't fit a stereotype.

His journey from flabby desk jockey to avatar-inspired athlete has been well documented elsewhere, even becoming a feature article on CNN.

The Roc-Marcus machine has delivered much more content besides, with his self-taught musical talents resulting in eclectic compositions which have been well enough received for online sales to have funded a new kitchen for his wife.


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Featured Columnist

Broken paramedic and coffee-drinking Englishman whose favourite dumb animal is an oxymoron. After over a decade of humping and dumping the fat and the dead, my lower spine did things normally reserved for Rubik's cubes, bringing my career as a medical clinician to an unexpectedly early end. Fortunately, my real passion is in writing and given that I'm now highly qualified in the art of sitting down, I have the time to pursue it. Having blogged about video games (well, mostly EVE Online) for years, I hope to channel my enjoyment of wordcraft and my hobby of gaming into one handy new career that doesn't involve other people's vomit.

Published Jul. 16th 2013
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