EVE Player Celebrities - The Blogging Elder: Kirith Kodachi

Lord Moose-Beaver hails from the US province of Canadia, where there's nothing to do but write about spaceships. A lot.

The number of EVE bloggers now numbers in the hundreds, with many EVE players taking to the interwebs to relate their stories, share their findings, boast about their victories and analyse their defeats.

Somewhere in the ancient mists of blogging antiquity, there were but a few lonely voices who shared their thoughts with whoever wanted to listen. Kirith Kodachi was one of those voices.

For those who joined the EVE literati since, Kirith's blog, Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah, was one of the beacons who led them there. Over the years he has delivered events like Bring Me the Head of Kirith Kodachi, in which he willingly took on all-comers in an expensive capital ship, instigating an emergent pitched battle between defending forces and those who wanted (and got) his head.

His written commentary on all things EVE have provided insight and wisdom to many rookie EVE players. He wrote a regular Test Flight column for EVE's dedicated magazine, EON (RIP). Between all that, he finds the time to deliver a regular bite-sized podcast providing an overview of community occurences which catch his eye. He also finds time for some EVE fiction too.

He has recently taken up the mantle of Blog Banter custodian, a role which will see him co-ordinating regular community discussions open to all who want to participate. Be sure to check out the latest topic here


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Broken paramedic and coffee-drinking Englishman whose favourite dumb animal is an oxymoron. After over a decade of humping and dumping the fat and the dead, my lower spine did things normally reserved for Rubik's cubes, bringing my career as a medical clinician to an unexpectedly early end. Fortunately, my real passion is in writing and given that I'm now highly qualified in the art of sitting down, I have the time to pursue it. Having blogged about video games (well, mostly EVE Online) for years, I hope to channel my enjoyment of wordcraft and my hobby of gaming into one handy new career that doesn't involve other people's vomit.

Published Jul. 16th 2013
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