EVE Player Celebrities - The Promoter: Rixx Javix

With a name that sounds suspiciously like Iceland's capital, Rixx Javix is EVE's answer to Don King: he has white hair, isn't shy about his opinions and arranges a lot of fights. Also draws a bit.

EVE is the kind of game which needs folk who make stuff happen. To make stuff happen, you need to be able to catch the audience's eye. Rixx Javix is a man who knows this and regularly achieves it with aplomb.

Operating from his EVEOGANDA “Eve magazine for notorious gentlemen of questionable character,” Rixx routinely has his finger in many pies; his blogposts are always a good read and his outstanding artwork can be seen atop many EVE blogs.

Rixx has amused the EVE community for some time with his 1v1 EVE comic strip.

Beyond that he has played a pivotal role in organising and promoting numerous in-game events such as the Vagabond Frill protests, mass be-hatting of #Tweetfleet Twitter avatars, Death Race competitions, Frigate free-for-alls and more.

Here are some examples of his fine promotional work:

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Published Jul. 16th 2013

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