EVE Player Celebrities - The Starlet: Sindel Pellion

Hard-drinking, plain-speaking and probably more capable in a bar fight than you or I, Sindel also has the voice of an angel. If that was a hard-drinking, bar-fighting angel, that is.

Among the more surprising things to come out of the creative morass that is EVE culture is the steady stream of parody songs. Over the years, many interesting re-imaginings of popular songs have been given an EVE makeover, to the amusement of EVE players and the bemusement of the rest of the world.

Sindel Pellion managed to transcend this by delivering some genuinely stellar vocal performances to some finely crafted and very funny lyrics. Perhaps her finest hour was Titan, her version of Maroon 5's Payphone, although her whole back catalogue is well worth a listen.

Sindel also runs the Angel Project in EVE Online, which she uses to provide assistance to struggling players who might have fallen on hard times or new players looking for a bit of a boost to dodge the grind. She does all of this with a sharp, sarcastic wit which she frequently uses to amuse and terrify both on her blog, Sindel's Universe, and as a vocal member of the #Tweetfleet on Twitter (@SindelPellion).

You could say Sindel Pellion is New Eden's answer to Sarah Silverman, she is verifiably one of EVE Online's 5% - an actual girl - but don't bring this up or she'll tear your face off with an incisive quip from her potty mouth. ;)

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Published Jul. 16th 2013
  • Stephen Johnston
    Holy shite these songs are awesome! How have I not seen these before... fantastic!

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