EVE Player Celebrities - The Chat Show Host: Xander Phoena

One half of a two-man podcasting army, Xander Phoena says what he likes and he likes what he bloody well says.

EVE's podcasting community is a crowded place nowadays. The very first EVE podcast began in 2008 (Warp Drive Active) and numerous popular shows have come and gone since. Amongst the current crop, Crossing Zebras has quickly ascended to elevated status.

This is likely due to the fantastic chemistry and delivery of the two hosts. Both Scots, the vociferous Xander Phoena oscillates between charming and menacing with his uncompromising Highland brogue and is ably supported by the tolerant and knowing Jeg Elsker.

During the most recent player elections for the Council of Stellar Management, Xander became EVE's answer to David Frost, interviewing almost every candidate and challenging those who were found wanting. One real-life neo-fascist's campaign was single-handedly harpooned and sunk by Xander's careful dissection of the candidate's motivations and opinions.

A former sub-mariner and an habitual skirt wearer, Xander prefers vodka to whisky and as a result is probably no longer allowed to consider himself Scottish. He's still an accomplished podcaster and a key member of EVE's community, even when stranded on an off-shore oil-rig.

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Published Jul. 16th 2013

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