Pac-Man stays hungry and kids stay healthy with this new fitness bracelet game

A character with an eating disorder helps kids stay healthy.

The Moff Band is a new gaming system/fashion statement that kids (and tiny-armed adults) wear on their wrist. It's a new type of gaming with a mindset on fitness. The goal is to keep children active by syncing arm movements up with the gameplay for exercise. Funded on Kickstarter in under 48 hours, the Moff Band won the 2016 KAPi Award for Best Digital/Physical Bridge and a 2015 Toy Award from Popular Mechanic.

And soon, in an ironic twist, kids can stay healthy with the roundest, hungriest video game character of them all. Bandai Namco's upcoming game for the slip-on smart bracelet, officially titled Pac-Man Powered by Moff, allows users to experience the classic arcade game in a brand new way by direction Pac-Man through his familiar dot-filled mazes with the motion of their arms.

"With the launch of Pac-Man Powered by Moff in partnership with Bandai Namco Entertainment, we are providing kids an families a new user experience to enjoy a classic game while staying active. We want to keep kids moving!" says Moff CEO and co-founder Aki Takanagi.

Moff Bands currently run for $54.99 and Pac-Man Powered by Moff is scheduled for release in Spring of this year.


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Published Jan. 8th 2016

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