Riot Reveals Newest League Of Legends Champion Kled During European LCS

Riot teases newest League of Legends Champion.

After the last game of yesterday's European LCS, Riot Games had a little treat for all of the League of Legends fans tuning in. A short teaser trailer was shown which gave the public their first look at the 133rd champion to be introduced to League of Legends, Kled. 

Kled is the next yordle to be included in League. If you've never heard of a yordle, they're like a gremlin, racoon, gnome type hybrid. Yordles usually have some kind of penchant for technology, and love to tinker around with odds and ends. Arguably the most famous champion in League, Teemo, is the yordle poster boy.

The inclusion of a mounted champion is cool, because the only other character in League that is riding something is Nunu and his yeti. Hopefully, Riot will implement some kind of cool mount/dismount mechanic and other fun interactions between the fuzzball and his serpent buddy.

However Kled ends up, he will most likely have a new, interesting impact on League of Legends. Over the past few years, Riot has only released champions that do something that has never been seen in the game before, so there's bound to be some innovation that comes along with the newest fuzzball to march on the Rift.

Published Jul. 22nd 2016

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