Until Dawn US and UK Release Dates Announced for August 2015

PS4 exclusive Until Dawn is set for an August 2015 release date!

Sony has announced the release date for upcoming PS4 horror game Until Dawn. It will release on August 25 in North America, and August 28 in UK and Ireland.

The date was revealed via PlayStation blog, along with the promise of more content to be shown soon. The blog also revealed a new cast member in Peter Stormare (The Big Lebowski, Prison Break, Arrow), although his role was not specified. Stormare joins Hayden Panettiere, Brett Dalton, Rami Malek and more in the star-studded cast.

Until Dawn US and UK Release Date

Until Dawn is a PS4 exclusive that puts you in a teen horror movie. With gameplay similar to Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, you play as multiple characters, any of whom can die at any point in the game - thus influencing the outcome of the story. The game has a feature known as the "Butterfly Effect" meaning every decision you make has additional and significant outcomes, similar to that of Telltale's The Walking Dead. 

Developer Supermassive Games has said that you will need to play the game several times and get all the different outcomes to fully understand the story and the whole experience.

Until Dawn will release in August 2015 but you might wanna save this one for a Halloween get-together! For more on Until Dawn and everything games, stay tuned to GameSkinny.


Published May. 26th 2015
  • Pip Simon
    Featured Contributor
    I'm really looking forward to this game. I'm scared that it won't live up to the hype, but I hope that it does!
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    *looks on nervously*
    Please don't suck... please don't suck... please don't suck...

    I really want to see a good Heavy Rain-style horror game. It could be really great. I just am not sure if Slasher Flick was the best way to start this off. Imagine if it was more like, say, The Shining.
  • Fireboltz_7795
    Featured Contributor
    I agree completely. I'm so worried about this game being awful that I won't buy it until a lot of reviews are done. I hate spending money on a new game and having it suck.

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