Huntdown Blasts onto Steam and GOG

Huntdown releases on Steam and GOG with a new arcade mode update and the long-awaited release of its original soundtrack.

Huntdown, the critically acclaimed side-scrolling run n' gun retro shooter from developer Easy Trigger Games and publisher Coffee Stain, will now be making its way onto Steam and GOG alongside the Epic Games Store on PC. 

On top of its arrival to the platform, the widely beloved soundtrack that accompanies players on their bounty hunting journey is also now available for purchase. What's more is that to celebrate its arrival on Steam and GOG, Huntdown will be 20% off its original price of $19.99 for its opening week, which runs through May 19. 

Huntdown is an action-packed, old-school shooter with a beautifully realized 16-bit pixel art style and a classic dystopian sci-fi setting. Upping the ante from its already intense campaign, the Steam and GOG releases coincide with the release of a new Arcade Mode for the game.

In Arcade Mode, players will be able to compete on a global leaderboard for the top spot as they get creative with their kills for higher scores, all while wielding new over-the-top tools of destruction. This mode is only currently available on PC, but it will be arriving on consoles shortly, according to the developer. 

We reviewed Huntdown when it first released exactly a year ago today on May 12, 2020, and at the time we said "it's a living homage not only to retro shooters but also to the movies and cultural movements that took place in that era." Check out the full review here. Huntdown is also available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


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Published May. 12th 2021

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