PC Master Race subreddit creates site to rate how righteous a game is

The PCMR have a new resource to make sure a game is technically up to snuff.

PC gaming is serious business, and anyone who has put a lot of care and money into their rig is going to want to know just how well publishers take care of their consumers. It's the PC way.

Enter PCMRating, the first site that lets users gauge the quality of a game's technical aspects, optimization, DLC, controls, and more. It's pretty great, especially if you want to know whether or not the PC version of a game was handled well.

Users can give their own reviews for games by choosing from several options in a number of set categories (all of which are relevant to a PC gamer's enjoyment) and may choose to include their own description or explanation of their review in a custom field.

Reviews require users rate the following aspects of a game:

  • Framerate
  • Optimization
  • Server stability
  • Bugs
  • Controls
  • Max resolution
  • Mod support
  • DLC
  • Settings

The site is currently in its infancy and is being worked on by dedicated PC gamers who are open to feedback to make both the reviewing process and the site fair. If you have feedback of your own you want the site to consider, be sure to head over to the /r/PCMasterRace thread and make your voice heard. Don't be a peasant.

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Published Aug. 25th 2017
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