Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains Weapons and ODM Gear Guide

Check this guide out for explanations and tips on weapons and ODM gear in Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains.

World mode in Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains lets you customize your weapons and ODM gear. This greatly increases your chances at completing missions. Every piece of equipment has stats and performs differently based on those stats.

I'll help you understand what everything means and choose the best equipment suited for your play style.

For help unlocking character customizations and a couple of special weapons, check out my How to Unlock Story Character Customizations guide.

This guide will go over weapons and ODM gear in world mode including:

  • Weapon and ODM Gear Stats - What they all mean.
  • Equipment Tips - Suggestions based on play style.

Weapon and ODM Gear Stats

Main Weapon

The main weapon is the blade, which you use to actually kill the titans. You must hit them on the back of their neck to kill them, usually with a critical hit.

attack on titan humanity in chains weapons

  • Attack Power - The overall damage of the weapon.
  • Blade - The sharpness of the weapon, the higher it is, the longer you can attack before it breaks.
  • Critical - This affects the red circle and how easy it is to get a critical hit.
  • Normal Slash - The damage of a non-critical hit.
  • Weak Slash - Damage of non-critical hit that is not pressed or released.
  • Close Attack - Damage when you attack a Titan right next to you.

Equipment Tips

When it comes to your blade, there isn't a lot to think about. A blade with high attack power is nice, but more important is the critical.

  • Landing critical hits is more important than the damage because if you keep missing critical, it will take longer to kill the Titan.
    • It shouldn't take more than 1 or 2 crits on the neck to kill a Titan with a decent blade, so try for Hatchet Blades, and those with a higher Critical value.
  • Another important stat is Blade because it lets you attack longer
    • Try to get one with a higher Blade stat so you don't have to use many Razor Blades, or risk failing a mission while you use it. Critical is still more important in my opinion.

Sub Weapon

The sub-weapon is a type of gun and used to help weaken Titans before attacking them. I don't use them that much, but they have their uses in certain situations.

Attack on titan humanity in chains weapons

  • Attack Power - The overall damage of the gun.
  • Aim Speed - How fast you can aim the targeting reticule.
  • Firing Gap - How long you have to wait in-between each shot.
  • Reload Speed - How fast the weapon reloads.
  • Clip Size - How many bullets the gun can fire before you must reload.
  • Kickback - How forceful the gun is. Large kickback pushes your character.

Equipment Tips

Sub Weapons are unique because some of them have special effects. The normal guns are okay for taking Titans down from afar, but the really useful ones are those that do special things.

  • Example: There is a Stamina-Loss Gun and a Regenerate-Slow Gun.
    • Stamina-Loss steals stamina and dulls the Titan's movement.
    • Regenerate-Slow slows Titan recovery speed.
  • These guns help more than just attacking them. You can use guns like these when you get overwhelmed to make killing them easier.
  • They are especially helpful in missions where you must keep Titans away from a certain area.

ODM Gear

This is just as if not more important that your main weapon. You sue ODM gear to launch around the battlefield and attack Titans. If you have no gas in your ODM Gear, you won't be able to reach a Titan's neck to kill it.

  • Wire - Length of the wire. This affects how far you can go per swing/burst.
  • Gas Cylinder - How much gas it holds. The higher the number, the more gas you can use before you need to refill.
  • Drive Loss - How much gas is used per use. It uses a letter score: A uses less gas than B.
  • Speed - How fast you can move.

I'm not entirely sure about the last 2 stats. All of the ODM gear I can now use has the same value in these 2 stats.

  • Orbit - This affects the turning while you are using ODM gear.
  • Output - Affects direction in some way.

The last 2 stats aren't very important, regardless of what they do, so don't worry about it.

attack on titan humanity in chains ODM gear

Equipment Tips

ODM Gear can make or break a mission. All of the stats, besides orbit and output have their uses. It depends on what you want, though I prefer Speed and Wire above all else.

  • If you want to use less Gas Cylinder consumable items, get ODM gear with a high Gas Cylinder and/or high-rank Drive loss. These give you more gas to work with.
  • Speed alone is very helpful when you need to travel long distances, but if you also have a long wire, you'll be able to cross long distances in an even shorter amount of time.

That wraps up my Weapon and ODM Gear guide for Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains. Please visit my Beginner's guide for more tips and guides on the game.

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Published May. 14th 2015
  • Unnamed Protagonist
    I'm having a problem. I cannot strengthen any weapons or ODM gear, despite having all of the necessary materials. Anybody know anything that can help me?
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    Do you have the facilities at level 10?
  • Unnamed Protagonist
    yeah. i have both of the facilities maxed out
  • Unnamed Protagonist
    I can go into the strengthening menu and see how many materials i need but i can't upgrade anything even when i have all of stuff i need
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    Make sure all your materials are in your warehouse and not in your bag
  • Unnamed Protagonist
    that did it. thanks

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