Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains How to Unlock Story Character Customizations

Everything you need to know to unlock every customization in Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains lets you customize a character in world mode. If you want to look like a character from the story mode/anime, then you can do that as well! There are many hair, face, and clothing options available to you. Completing certain story mode missions unlock familiar options for your world mode character.

For more help with the game, check out my Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains Beginner Tips and Tricks.

This guide will cover character customizations unlocked in Story Mode including:

  • Customization Description - Descriptions of what the parts mean.
  • Character Customization List - All the unlockable parts, separated by which story character you must play
  • Mission List - Which mission each unlockable is in.

Character Customizations

First, let me start by explaining the different things you can unlock in story mode.

  • Hair and Face - These let you change your world mode character's hair and/or face to the character listed.
  • Sets - These make your world mode character an exact copy of the character listed. You can still edit everything after choosing this option, it is more of a preset.
  • Special Weapon - These automatically give your world mode character the listed weapon. You won't have to buy it or anything, just equip it from the equipment screen.

attack on Titan game humanity in chains story character unlock

Now, on to the list! Here's how to use this guide: Each list is under the character you must play to unlock the customizations. The left lists the customization and the right lists the mission you get it from.

Note: If you don't unlock a certain item, you may have to complete more story missions, first. I did all of the Eren and Mikasa missions before I started Armin's story missions.


  • Senior Officer hair and face - Subduing Titan Basic Training
  • Thomas hair and face - First Battle 1
  • Mina hair and face - First Battle 2
  • Annie set - Crushing Blow
  • Eren set - The Warrior Dances 


  • Conny set - Small Blade 2
  • Ian hair and face - Counterattack
  • Hange set - Defend to the Death
  • Erwin set - Return
  • Mikasa set - Mercy


  • Franz hair and face - A Dim Light Amid Despair
  • Hanna hair and face - A Dim Light Amid Despair
  • Mitabi hair and face - Counterattack
  • Cis hair and face - 57th Exterior Scouting Mission
  • Ness hair and face - 57th Exterior Scouting Mission
  • Reiner set - Female Titan
  • Christa set - Female Titan
  • Jean set - Defend to the Death
  • Armin set - Mercy


  • Levi set - The Defeated
  • Fan (Special Weapon) - The Defeated


  • Sasha set - This is Bread
  • Knife and Fork (Special Weapon) - This is Bread

That's every customization you can unlock by playing story mode. Please visit my Beginner's Guide for more help with Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains.

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Published May. 14th 2015
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    Thank you!
  • Carol_1185
    Some of these aren't unlocking for me. I've played and beaten "A Dim Light of Despair" on Armin, and I haven't unlocked either of those sets. Do I need to beat the level with an A+? I got a C on it.
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    I see, well I did Armin's story after completing Eren and Mikasa so maybe the unlocks are based on missions completed, that would explain why I unlocked so many for Armin

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