GTA V Online Stimulus Packages Incoming

Players that logged into GTA V Online will be receiving $500k through direct deposit in-game cash.

GTA V Online got off to a rocky start in October. After the initial launch of GTA Online, a lot of the player base began to experience issues. This issues included:

  • Cloud server errors
  • Connection issues
  • Lost characters
  • Lost gameplay progression.

Rockstar Games has set about fixing the issues players had, and announced an in-game stimulus package to players for $500k in-game cash. Only players that logged in during October 2013 will be eligible for this refund.

Initially set up in two payments of $250k to keep the in-game economy balanced, Rockstar has instead released the stimulus package as one lump sum. The package will be sent through a direct deposit in the game, so players won't need to do anything to claim it.

Don't have your package yet? Don't worry. Rockstar Games has said that they expect it taking at least two days (up to 48 hours) for all players to receive their packages.

Published Nov. 7th 2013
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