Mortal Kombat X Fans: Get a Real Hands On Experience

Get your hands on this limited edition Sub-Zero Ice Clone from Mezco Toyz for $30

Mezco Toyz has announced that they are releasing a Sub-Zero Ice Clone in a summer exclusive, which starts preorder as early as May 12th.

The translucent figure measures 6 inches in height, and one of the 23 points of articulation is one of Sub-Zero's most deadly attacks from Mortal Kombat X, The Ice Clone. The figure also comes with an ice ball and ice dagger accessories to be posed with.

To ensure that the figure holds the exact likeness of the game character, the designers used the actual design files from the game developers.

Sub-Zero's clone comes in a collector-friendly blister card perfect for your display purposes.

If you are thinking about waiting to spend the $30 for this figure, you may just miss out. This collector's dream is limited time only, so its time to search your couch for loose change and get this figure when it is available for pre-order on May 12th here.

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Published May. 10th 2015

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