Albino Lullaby Celebrates One Year on Steam with a Sale

Ape Law is celebrating Albino Lullaby's one-year anniversary with a 40% off sale on the game until October 14th.

The psychological horror game, Albino Lullaby, has been on Steam for one year, and Ape Law is celebrating with a Pre-Halloween Sale. The will be on sale from October 7th through the 14th on Steam for PC and Vive.

Albino Lullaby, a 2D, VR horror game has no gore and no jump scares. The game has been praised as the smartest horror game of 2015 by Adam Smith from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and Polygon’s Collin Campbell stated that the game combines the best parts of Stanley Parable and Alfred Hitchcock to bring players’ a truly frightening experience.

Ape Law is giving players the perfect opportunity to catch up on the series while they continue work on Episode 2, as well as offering those who are still unsure about purchasing the full game the chance to play the first 40 minutes of Albino Lullaby for free.

The demo can be downloaded here and the game can be purchased here for 40% off until October 14th.


Published Oct. 9th 2016

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