Don't Starve Together Celebrates Official Release with New Content!

Don't Starve Together leaves Early Access, and the development team is including additional content to thank fans.

Thanks to the help of many fans and supporters, Don't Starve Together has finally left Steam Early Access. 

Its prequel, Don't Starve, was a great game. But one of the biggest complaints was that it lacked multiplayer. People wanted to build bases and play with their friends. Instead of simply adding the game mode in, Klei Entertainment — the company responsible for the game's development — decided to work on a new project: Don't Starve Together.

The game has been in development since late 2015, and since then, the developers have listened closely to community feedback. They've fixed some bugs, hammered down some compatibility issues, and listened to some of the fans' noteworthy suggestions. The result is a well-polished and well-developed game.

And to celebrate its official release, the development team has added a few fun things for fans. 

  • Maxwell, the Master of Puppets, is now available to play. Many fans will remember him from the tutorial of the original Don't Starve. He's grown to become a fan-favorite, and now you can play as him.
  • Firepit cosmetics have been added. You can now change the look of your fireplace to suit the theme of your base.
  • New clothing and survivor heads has been added. You can now live your life as Maxwell by wearing his clothes.
  • A ton of bug fixes. 

It seems like this is the development team's way of thanking the fans for all of their continued to support. It's definitely a nice gesture. The game really deserves all the recognition it has received.

You can pick up Don't Starve Together on Steam now. 

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Published Apr. 22nd 2016

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