Grim Dawn Getting Epic Fantasy Makeover With Loyalist Pack DLC, New Patch

A full retinue of vanity items and spell effects is coming to the popular ARPG.

After the release of Forgotten Gods, fans have worried that the expansion may have signaled the end of development for ARPG Grim Dawn. However, good news on that front just arrived this week, as we're getting some new content sooner rather than later.

While there's no official word on any sort of major release to follow Forgotten Gods and Ashes Of Malmouth, both a minor DLC and a new patch are set to arrive shortly.

The new Loyalist Item Pack arrives tomorrow June 20  offering aesthetic changes to make your character a little less grim and more epic.

The $8.99 second loyalist pack will include the following vanity items:

  • Sinister Black Knight’s Full Set of Armor
  • Black Knight’s Sword and Shield
  • Sacred Silver Knight’s Full Set of Armor
  • Silver Knight’s Sword and Shield
  • Venerable Dragon General’s Helm, Chestguard, and two-handed Spear
  • Enigmatic White Wizard’s Hat, Robe, and Staff off-hand
  • Crate companion pet

Those skins will also be available to apply as illusions. Developer Crate Entertainment had this to say about the new pack?

The items in this collection will bring out the classic fantasy hero within you. Always wanted to vanquish your foes dressed as a royal knight or a mighty wizard? Well now you can! To top it off, you can show off your support for Crate with your very own companion pet (PTSD warning for those that have faced the mighty Crate of Entertainment secret boss).

Yes, the pet is, in fact, a Crate logo that follows you all around the world of Cairn.

The previous Loyalist Item pack was released back in 2016 and featured historical themed items like a George Washington powdered wig and southern general's hat, in addition to a will 'o wisp pet to act as a light source.

In addition to the new Loyalist pack, a host of updated spell effects are due to land with the V1.1.3.0 patch in the next few days, providing visual changes to Amarasta’s Blade Burst, Blackwater Cocktail, Lightning Strike, Maelstrom, Primal Strike, Reckless Tempest, Ring of Steel, Eye of Reckoning, Righteous Fervor, and Savagery.

That patch will also bring four brand-new anomalies in the Shattered Realm section of the Forgotten Gods expansion.

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Published Jun. 19th 2019

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