These Nintendo IPs Need to Get Attention This E3 While the Switch Hype Is High

Advance Wars

Super Smash Bros. Melee may have introduced the West to the craze that is Fire Emblem, but there was another Strategy title that won our hearts over on the littlest widescreen that could, and that games was Advance Wars.

The IP has been quiet for nearly ten years, with absolutely no hint from Nindy on whether or not the franchise will ever make a comeback.

Advance Wars Was Intelligent Systems’ other tactical game that specialized in multiplayer combat, offering a number of ways for groups of players to interact with matches between themselves, and AI giving up to 8 people the chance engage each other at one time. Combat would range between direct engagements, to conquering territory, and undertaking reconnaissance missions, all of these done over different terrains that’re subject to numerous weather condition that can affect the tide of the battle.

All it takes is for Intelligent Systems to notice what SEGA is doing what the Valkeryia games, and apply a similar touchup to Advance Wars for the Nintendo Switch. Fingers crossed for if that does happen that the studio won’t go with Battalion Wars aesthetic from the console versions of the series, because man was that visual style just lame -- here’s to hoping that this series can make an appearance at Nintendo’s upcoming presentation!

Published Mar. 29th 2017

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