There's Been a Murder on Eridanos and Switch Players Can Soon Solve It

Those playing The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch will be able to jump into the Murder on Eridanos DLC in September.

The second DLC for Obsidian's snarky, tongue-in-cheek action RPG The Outer Worlds is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 8. Murder on Eridanos will retail for $14.99 and is available as part of the game's Expansion Pass for those who already own that add-on. 

The DLC raises the level cap by three and sees players embark on a second murder mystery investigation after the game's first DLC, Peril on Gorgon, did something similar, though the two are unrelated and introduce new characters and locations. Peril is also available on Switch, releasing in February 2021

We called Murder on Eridanos "a twisting mystery ... [and] the game at its absolute best," making special mention of its story, setting, and overall adherence to the aesthetic of the base game. "Whereas the first DLC plays into the tropes of detective noir, Eridanos plays out more like a police procedural."

The Outer Worlds landed on Nintendo Switch eight months after every other version. And though it may be "in some ways inferior to its counterparts," that doesn't mean it's not an adventure worth undertaking for those with Nintendo's hybrid system. 

In other news regarding Obsidian's growing new franchise, The Outer Worlds 2 was announced at E3 2021 with yet another, completely on-brand trailer full of the game's now-trademark sense of humor. The sequel is set to release on PC and Xbox platforms, and since Microsoft now owns Obsidian, it's not likely that The Outer Worlds 2 will come to Switch. 

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Published Sep. 1st 2021

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